TuneUp.ai Performance Tuning-as-a-Service

Artificial Intelligence-based, Fully Automatic Parameter Tuning Solutions for Servers, Data Centers, Mobile Devices, IoT, and Supercomputers

Most computers are not at their best performance

Slow websites or apps that cannot handle requests smoothly

Expensive electricity and cooling bills

Whole system brought down by small workload spikes

Why is performance tuning hard?

Traditional performance tuning usually cost more than what you gain

  • One computer can have hundreds of tunable parameters. A complex cluster could have thousands.
  • Default parameter values are for easy setup, not performance.
  • Must be done by high-paid domain experts.
  • Tuning time and cost comprise a big part of your service bill.
  • You can't know the tuning effect before spending money to do it.

TuneUp.ai Brings the Latest AI-based Tuning to You in Three Steps

  • 1. Sign up at tuneup.ai

    Register an account on tuneup.ai

  • 2. Download the client agent

    Download and install our lightweight client agent

  • 3. Done!

    Watch the performance of you system goes higher in one or two days

Versatility of Our Products

Applies to many scenarios

You pick the tuning up goal

We charge by how much you use

Our Technologies

Deep Reinforcement Learning has beaten the best human players in games like StarCraft and go

Our Deep Reinforcement Learning-based tuner are capable of testing and measuring all parameter combinations on its own in a highly efficient manner

We do all our complex machine learning tasks on line, relieving the customers from having to understand those onerous tasks

TuneUp.ai LightningCloud vs. Manual Tuning

TuneUp.ai LightningCloud Manual Tuning
Skill requirement Regular IT staff Vendor and domain experts
Total cost Low and predictable High and unpredictable
Applicable time 24x7x365, no downtime needed Require planned downtime
Required time 10 hours to a few days during regular operation Days or weeks downtime
Tuning effect Most workloads will see improved performance Depends on the skills of the experts
Handling rapidly changing workloads Real time Depends on response speed of staff
Safety High Depends on the process and staff
Handling hardware or software change Automatically Need to redo the tuning

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